Race To Survive: Alaska

Season 1, Risk and Safety Development, Adventure and Challenge Production


Season one of Original Productions’ “most rigorous show yet” relied heavily on our highly-trained and skilled professionals for the safety of contestants and crew while traversing some of Alaska’s harshest landscapes. This included not only the creation and implementation of a production risk management plan but also a ‘boot camp’ where contestants and production crew were trained in sustainable wildlife awareness practices and survival skills in accordance with local regulations.

The sixteen contestants sit behind a campfire with a snow-capped mountain in the background. ‘The rules are simple, survival isn’t’ and ‘Race to Survive Alaska’ are written on the right.
Two people put guide packs from a snowy shore onto a boat during a sunset
Several people in rain gear collect equipment from a silver trunk next to a lake with trees in the background while a camera-person and a boom microphone operator film them.
Two people hike over rocky green hills toward a cloudy snow covered mountain
A man in a blue and black jacket and grey pants standing next to a packraft looks through a rangefinder at Sheridan Glacier Lake on an overcast day with ice and a mountain in the background