Whitecap Risk & Safety

    Whitecap RSC is your development and production partner, specializing in adventure and challenge television. From the desert to the mountains, we make great TV happen.

    We are a team that will help provide strategies to manage the risk,
    safety and logistical challenges of your ambition productions.

    Our scalable risk assessment, risk management, and production expertise make us a valuable production partner as adventure and challenge producers, on-set risk managers, or location, communication systems, transportation experts, marine, helicopter fixed wing, and crew providers.

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    Whitecap RSC aims to achieve your creative goals while exceeding industry standards for on-set safety and risk management. We can help you realize your most ambitious adventure/challenge production dreams.

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    We started out as outdoor enthusiasts and over the past two decades in the entertainment industry have become highly-trained, skilled risk & safety experts and co-producers. We’re a boots-on-the-ground team that can help you realize your most ambitious adventure/challenge production dreams.

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    Our past projects range from remote expeditions
    to challenge-based productions and reality-
    competition shows, including Amazing Race
    (Canada and Australia), Alone, and Survivor.


    We have delivered solutions to projects all over the world, from Canada, the United States, to Iceland, Africa, South and Central America, Asia and the South Pacific. Our dedicated bilingual crew of safety and risk management professionals and our location managers and fixers are located all over the world. We can deliver solutions to the challenges associated with international logistics, remote locations and complex conditions. At Whitecap, our goal is to reduce the stress generated by your ambitious projects, no matter where in the world you choose to film.