We are a third party contractor that will help provide strategies to manage the risk, safety and logistical challenges of your ambition productions.

By managing risk and safety we significantly decrease the variables and uncertainties that a network and production company are exposed to during all phases of production.

We understand the balance between creative intentions and the necessity of providing a safe working environment for your cast and crew. Whitecap has the expertise to minimize the risks and help protect your greatest resources; your people, your reputation and your investment in the project.

Regardless of the conditions, you can trust us to customize our proven strategies to fit your needs.

With over 18 years in the entertainment industry we have the experience and resources to provide you with a safe and efficient filming experience in the most adventurous locations on the planet.

We can deliver solutions to the challenges associated with international logistics, remote locations and complex conditions.  At Whitecap, our goal is to reduce the stress generated by your ambitious projects.

We have location managers and fixers all over the world and are staffed with a dedicated crew of safety and risk management professionals. Let us figure out how to make your creative vision fit within the risk management standards of the entertainment industry.

Case Study

Alone Season 4