At Whitecap, we recognize that there are four distinct phases that lead to a safe and efficient production.

Ensure that your production is covered from start to finish. Know the hazards that you may be exposed to and trust us to develop and facilitate customized strategies that can reduce the risks involved.  

1st Phase

Risk Assessment

Whitecap focuses on identifying, analyzing, and evaluating the risk of filming in each of your locations. These assessments are based on the specific goals and objectives of your production

2nd Phase


Planning: location scouting, creation of risk management plans and operational protocols

After a thorough assessment of the risks, we will adapt our proven risk management strategies to meet the needs of your production. These strategies may include:

  • Risk management plans incorporated seamlessly with creative
  • Risk management plans for the care of cast and crew
  • Transportation protocols
  • Communications plans
  • Emergency procedures

3rd Phase


Pre-production: implementations and infrastructure setup

We ensure that necessary infrastructure and associated procedures are in place. Our team members on the ground will verify that the elements crucial to safety and efficiency are installed and in accordance with our standard operating guidelines and procedures. Infrastructure may include:

  • Communications equipment
  • Rigging
  • Set builds
  • Aerial and ground transportation
  • Medical response and evacuation

4th Phase


Production: facilitation of safety and operations plans and emergency response

During production, our team will ensure that agreed upon plans and strategies are implemented. We recognize that a key element of safety is allowing for a seamless and efficient day in the field. The Whitecap team is skilled at helping manage the daily logistics of production and facilitating the needs of your creative.

We make it our mission to provide the highest standard of care from development through the completion of the project.