Whitecap SVR Sirius Med


COVID-19 Consultation and Management System
for the industrial workplace

Whitecap RSC has partnered with SIRIUSMEDx, providing a full-service health assurance company consisting of industry, health and risk management experts. Our team is currently managing the Health and Safety specific to COVID-19 for TV and film productions as well as large scale multi-trade industrial sites. Our COVID-19 risk mitigation program is designed to be able to scale smoothly while continuing to set the standards for COVID-19 best practices.


We are experienced in all aspects of COVID safety and infection control in complex logistical situations with ambitious industrial objectives. We are adept at working with a range of clients, including protection of Hollywood A-list actors and immune compromised workers. We understand the complexity, discretion and adaptability needed to work successfully during a global pandemic.

Medical Programs

SIRIUSMEDx is a pan-Canadian company, physician owned and directed that specializes in providing training programs and medical solutions for businesses who operate in challenging and complex environments. Their expertise in dealing with COVID-19 was acquired on the forefront of the medical reaction and by consultation with the various experts who compose their medical advisory board. This has led SIRIUSMEDx to develop evidence-based programs and support their customers in resuming business and overcoming outbreaks in this challenging time.


Whitecap RSC are safety management and logistics experts. Together we offer a fully integrated system. Our online platform uses sophisticated analytics and telemedicine to form an accurate picture of a crew’s health. This, in turn, is managed onsite by Health Officers and Health Monitors overseen by a dedicated COVID Risk Manager. These crews are scaled for all workplace sizes and locations. Our system’s approach promotes an effective communication link between all members of our team and ensures the best outcomes for all scenarios.


Testing of workers can be arranged on site with qualified nurses provided to execute testing of groups multiple times per week. In addition, pre-deployment and travel hub testing can be arranged for workers travelling to remote work sites on shift change cycles.

Whitecap RSC offers two varieties of testing:


PCR: tests that detect the virus’s genetic material conducted by nasal swabbing.


Antigen: tests that detect specific proteins from the virus, conducted by nasal swabbing.