About Us

Whitecap RSC is dedicated to providing risk assessment, safety services and logistical expertise to film and television production companies around the globe.

Whitecap specializes in ambitious projects in both sets and remote wilderness settings. Our past projects range from remote expeditions to challenge based productions as well as competition reality shows.

We work hand in hand with the producers to facilitate the creative objectives of each project while seamlessly defining and integrating the safety goals for the production. We strive to achieve well beyond the industry standards for safety and logistics for all shows. Our skill and expertise is in achieving the creative goals of productions while maintaining the standards in the most complicated and demanding situations.

At Whitecap, we strive to exceed the industry standard for production safety and efficiency.  We are committed to being on the ground creating operational pathways and linking the goals of each department while maintaining the logistical and safety backbone of the production. From survival to challenge shows and everything in between, we’re able to assist, advise and consult in an efficient and professional manner.  We look forward to partnering with you on the next project.


Meet The Team

Lars Andrews

Lars Andrews | Lead Safety Consultant

An IFMGA Mountain Guide, Lars specializes in Risk Assessment, Safety Management and International Travel stemming from twenty years of managing groups, operations and working in the world’s most remote, wild terrestrial, and marine environments. Lars’ introduction to the film and television industry was with managing safety and race course development with the adventure race show, “Eco-Challenge.” This was the precursor to what we now know as “Reality Television.” His involvement since then has been varied, working extensively in safety, location scouting and risk assessment and evolving to show development and production.

Chris Geisler | Lead Safety Consultant

Chris studied engineering & biochemistry at Queen’s University, Kingston and then
cofounded TeraSpan Networks, now a global fiberoptic network company. With an extensive climbing background Chris moved to the Vancouver film industry, where he became an integral part of the stunt riggjng community, working on renowned projects such as DeadPool 1, The Revenant, and The Flash. He brings a familiarity with risk mitigation and the inner workings of the film industry to his partnership in Whitecap RSC / Sirius MEDx.

Kevin Hodder

Kevin Hodder | Lead Safety Consultant

Kevin has extensive experience in producing television in remote and adventurous locations. His entry into the business was as Race Manager for the Eco-Challenge expedition race, a job that took him around the globe and across a wide variety of landscapes. Since this original opportunity, Kevin has maintained his diligence to help manage the risks of cast, crew and competitors in the backcountry. His credits include Survivor (CBS), Treasure Hunters (NBC), The Contender (NBC), Love in the Wild (NBC), Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls (NBC) and Big Brother (CBS).

Phil Gautier

Phil Gautier | Managing Safety Consultant

Philippe Gautier is a certified ski guide by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. He has worked as a professional avalanche forecaster and has been ski guiding and running adventure skiing expeditions for over 15 years on 6 continents. He has consulted with guiding companies to build their operational risk management plans in South America, Japan and Canada. He has been involved in numerous adventure television shows in various countries in different aspects, ranging from research, scouting, field producing, embedded safety, and as safety consultant.

Conny Amelunxen

Conny Amelunxen | Risk Assessor

An Avalanche Professional and internationally Certified Mountain Guide, Conny Amelunxen has guided and managed mountain operations in most of the big ranges around the world. He has done risk analysis and implemented mountain safety programs in several industry sectors including forestry, hydro, geothermal, resource road, mining, film and tourism. When he is not working for Whitecap he runs an avalanche safety company and guides in the British Columbia backcountry.

Matt Reccow

Matt Reccow | Locations Manager

Matt Reccow spent his youth following his college history professor dad around the world, doing research from the beaches at Normandy, along the Lewis & Clark trail, and even a year in the (former) Soviet Union.  With this “paternal expedition foundation,” Reccow followed suit and joined the Discovery Channel’s “Eco-Challenge” international series for five years – Morocco, Patagonia, Borneo, Fiji, and New Zealand.  One international production begat another, and nearly 50 countries later, Reccow has now worked for CBS’s “Amazing Race,” ABC’s “Expedition Impossible,” CW’s “In Harms Way,” TNT’s “72 Hours,” Discovery Channel’s “World’s Toughest Truckers,” Discovery Channel’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” and many more.

Paul McSorley

Paul McSorley | Managing Safety Consultant

For the past 15 years Paul has worked for the Safety industry in locations all around the world: Patagonia, Himalaya, the Arctic Circle, Middle East, Africa and North America and Europe. His work spans diverse fields: film and television (Lead Safety and Rigging), risk management for industrial exploration, and Expedition Leader in the great mountain ranges of the world. Paul is always keen to try something new and work in challenging environments.

Zach Green | Lead Creative Consultant

As an Executive Producer with over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, Zach has wide-ranging experience producing series for both cable and broadcast networks in some of the most remote regions of the planet.  Green works to seamlessly incorporate the intricate and necessary safety and logistics plans without impacting the overall series creative.  He began his career on CBS’s Survivor, and has overseen production on projects including Discovery Channel’s American Chopper and Out of the Wild, Animal Planet’s, Raw Nature, as well as History Channel’s, Top Shot.  Zach is currently serving as Executive Producer of History’s groundbreaking survival series, Alone.

Rob Gowler | Camera and Drone Operator

Rob has worked in the adventure TV industry since 2011, originally as additional camera, medic and safety/rigger; he quickly shifted gears and started shooting and producing. Since 2015, he has been a full time shooter, producer, and director of photography for BBC on Nat Geo’s Emmy Award winning show, Life Below Zero (He’s one of the only camera ops that goes on location as a single shooter/producer/safety!). Rob has spent years shooting and producing in some of the coldest and most remote environments in the world such as: Alaska, Mongolia, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Central and South America for companies such as Discovery channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic, 60 Minutes Sports, TNT, etc… He’s been a mountain guide since 1995, is extremely fit, has run 100 mile mountain races and is comfortable in any environment.

Certified and Qualified Crew with Years Experience

The Whitecap team has the expertise and relevant certification to provide your production with the highest level of service. We possess a wide variety of resources and skills and consistently employ some of the most experienced crew members in the industry. Some of these skills include crew members that are fluent in English, Spanish, French, Berber, and Japanese. We are comfortable implementing and executing operations in the most challenging environments on the globe.

Our Crew Includes:

Risk Assessors and Safety Experts

We are experienced in assessing the risk related to film operations and implementing risk management plans, communication systems and emergency response plans in an effort to lower the vulnerability.

Internationally-certified Mountain Guides

Our experienced guides know how to manage risks and provide safety services in the most remote and adventurous terrain our planet has to offer. Our guides are experts in managing groups of people around complex operations.

Location Scouts and Managers

Members of our team are specialists in scouting and managing non-standard locations along with creating budgets and logistical plans that will allow your project to succeed. Our extensive experience has provided us with the insights and contacts needed to shoot at a wide array of locations around the world.

Medical Team

We have a team of highly trained medics and paramedics skilled in life support and the immediate-care services that remote locations require. Our team is, overseen and managed by doctors who specialize in emergency medicine

Riggers and Engineers

We employ a group of high angle rope access technicians who specialize in complex access solutions and rigging for on-camera elements such as challenge builds. Our group of engineers are available to design installations and provide oversight when required.

Marine Division

Our team includes specialists in the marine environment from boat captains to safety divers.

Adventure Camera Crew

Some members of our safety team are skilled camera and drone operators that can move safely and efficiently through difficult terrain. Most members of the team are experienced assisting camera operators while also managing their risks.

Our additional services include:

Wildlife biologists
Survival experts
Communication experts

Crew Certifications

SPRAT Certified – Rope Access and Build Bridges
IFMGA/ACMG Guide Certification
SWIFT Water Certification for Rafting
Search and Rescue Certified
Heli Evac Technical Systems Certified